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TASTE charity Blog post – April 2016

Thank you from us all…

Author: Jenny Coleman

A profit of £5000 in our first year has exceeded all our expectations, and means we can transform the lives of 3000 people living in a village in rural central Nigeria.

TASTE (Transfer of Appropriate and Sustainable Expertise) is going to use our donation to help a village community in the Plateau State of Nigeria which is a very militant area. The villagers were able to get clean water from a borehole, but this broke down 7 years ago, and because of the dangers of ambush, no drilling company is willing to go into the village to repair it. A drilling company that did go in to drill a borehole had to abandon the work due to threats of violence from the Militants.

TASTE charity was approached by an 18 year old boy from the village for help. The boy had just completed his final year at a school where TASTE was undertaking a Water and Sanitation Project. The boy was attending a reunion at the school and had been smuggled out of the village by the State Security Forces. This is how he and some of the braver members of the village leave and return to the village.

TASTE is committed to helping the village but will not be using the equipment and vehicles which have their name and logo on the sides. The concern is that the Militants besieging the village may pass details about them to other Militants in relatively safe areas where military escort is not necessary.

Restoring these boreholes will significantly increase access by the village to clean drinking water and will also afford them greater safety as they will not have to leave the relative safety of the village in search for water. 

The cost of completing and restoring the boreholes and constructing two latrines near the church is estimated to be £3,375, so our donation will more than meet that need. Any surplus money will go towards another project. We will keep you posted on the progress of the drilling.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and volunteers who have made this great total possible!

Click on the Facebook post below to see the full album of our first birthday party, marking the end of our first year of trading, also our event where TV’s Dan Walker was presented with a cheque for £5000 for TASTE charity.


To find out more about TASTE charity and their projects, visit their website: Also follow them on Twitter: @Taste_safewater