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Our Take on Black Friday

Does Black Friday make you feel uncomfortable, with it’s emphasis on price being the bottom line and the only thing that matters? If so, please take a minute to read on and discover a different way of shopping.

At Good Taste – the Sheffield Fair Trade Shop, every day demonstrates the fairness and justice which underpin all our transactions. We buy all our products at a fair price and aim to sell them to our customers at a fair price too.

To us the whole of the production chain – from farmer or craft producer to the customer – are of equal importance. We know that the sale of our products is life changing for the producers, and we are proud of the beautiful things we sell. It is our aim to provide our customers with a shopping experience they can enjoy and feel comfortable with. We try to offer a friendly, personal service in the shop, and are always pleased to see customers returning for a repeat visit.

So, if you want to shop ethically and in a way which enables you to have a real connection with the producer, please call in and see our shop.

We are open everyday from 10am – 5.30pm, except Sunday.