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UKUVA iAFRICA: an example of great fair trade in action!

One of our favourite food products in the shop is the range of sauces and spices from UKUVA iAFRICA. These are absolutely delicious and can be used in a variety of ways; as marinades, dipping sauces, in fact they can be added to any dish you want a flavour hit! There is something to suit all taste preferences in the sauces from the mild and fragrant Chermoula to the super hot Ghost Chilli. Or you could choose from the Harissa or ‘Hot Rocks’ spice grinders which make it so easy to add flavour directly to your dishes. All the products come in in funky, beaded decorated bottles and jars and would make a colourful addition to your kichen as well as a great gift!

UKUVA iAFRICA are a fantastic example of a fully fair trade product all through the production line. The products carry the WFTO (World Fair Trade Orgnaisation) guarantee, which means that the entire supply chain is audited – from the farmers, the cooks and kitchen employees, to the people who make the packaging. Each stage is fair and transparent and is transforming lives!

The ingredients used are sourced locally from small-scale and ethically minded farmers. Once the fresh and local ingredients are harvested they are turned into the delicious sauces in highly certified kitchens and packaged in small factories by real people (not machines!). The WFTO Value Chain means that buying UKUVA iAFRICA the purchaser is helping to create strong sustainable employment opportunities which provide income and hope to the whole communities in Southern Africa.

UKUVA iAFRICA supports Cape Mental Health Society Training Workshops. These protected workshops provide support and activities for people with mental disabilities. The social impact project provides employment and dignity to the crafts-people who create the beautiful beaded tassels and ringed-necks which adorn the bottles of the sauces and grinders.

The final step in the supply chain is you the consumer! When you buy one of these delicious sauces or spice grinders you are changing the lives of the people who produced it and supporting our shop! Through buying from Good Taste you are helping us to make more profit, which in turn means we can give more money away to TASTE and support their quest in providing life changing water to communities in rural Nigeria. So thank you – your custom is helping us to change so many lives for the better and for that we are eternally grateful.