90kg Rice Challenge

Kilombero rice is delicious rice grown in North Malawi, giving the customer the option of white or brown grains. We buy the rice from JTS; a fair trade, not-for-profit organisation that has a special relationship with Malawi, that supports local Malawian farmers. The rice is grown on nutrient rich soil along Lake Malawi, this paired with the warm African sun produces the country’s favourite rice. The rice is grown using traditional methods which conserve the surroundings and protect the environment, supporting the local villages for centuries.


The 90kg Rice Challenge!

The 90kg Rice Challenge is where school and shops alike, attempt to sell 90kg of Kilombero rice. This allows Malawian farmers to earn enough money to send one of his children to secondary school for a whole year, giving them a good quality education and a bright future. This is only one set of 90kg or rice though and shops and school can sell as many sets as they like. The more the better!