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The Ultimate Fairtrade Gift Guide

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the impact of what we buy has on our world. This Christmas we want to encourage you to think carefully about every purchase you make. By shopping more thoughtfully, and not panic buying, we can choose gifts that do not have a negative impact on the person who made them.  Fairtrade certified producers are also committed to using earth kind methods and improving the sustainability of their production.

The “Ultimate Fairtrade Gift Guide’ is our pick of the best of what our shop has to offer in terms of quality of product but also positive impact purchasing it will make. 

We hope our gift guide will give you some ideas as the festive season approaches. But more than that, we hope you will enjoy reading the stories behind these products and discover the life changing impact your purchase has on the person who made it.

Daughters Of The Ganges Jewellery

Daughters of the Ganges is a stunning collection of statement, unique jewellery pieces which are sure to add glamour to any outfit over the Christmas period! We currently stock a selection of earrings and necklaces from this great company.

The story behind the gift…
Daughters of the Ganges is a socially conscious brand that brings you handcrafted and ethically created products from India. The idea was born when they stumbled upon an opportunity to do something meaningful and make a difference to the vulnerable and marginalised communities in India. DOTG feel that a way to do this is to help artisans, especially women, in these communities using Fair Trade principles as guidelines.
They source their products from artisan communities that have passed on their skills through the ages and are keen to nurture their cherished traditions and crafts. Each product that you purchase from DOTG is a testimony of the love and dedication exhibited by the artisans and tells a story of how lives can be changed

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate

This chocolate is a must buy for any chocolate lover this Christmas! It is possibly the most delicious chocolate and a staff favourite here at Good Taste! We have a range of flavours and also some cute mini-bars which we think make the perfect stocking filler.

The story behind the gift…
Tony’s Chocolonely’s sticks to 5 sourcing principles to ensure their chocolate is made from slave-free cocoa. They are confident that it enables cocoa farmers to earn a living income. And that is what will put an end to slavery and child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa.
Tony’s believe that all chocolate companies should apply these principles to their relationship with cocoa farmers. And – this is very important – the rules will only work if you use all of the principles together. So, picking out 2 or 3 and doing your own thing is not an option otherwise it just won’t work.

Tony’s are leading by example and showing the world that chocolate can be made differently, that it’s possible to make slave-free chocolate and be commercially successful.

Lanka Kade Toys

Lanka Kade offers a range of adorable children’s toys. They’re brightly coloured and encourage small world, imaginative play. Many items are suitable from 10 months, the perfect gift for a special little person in your life.

The story behind the gift…
Whilst in Sri Lanka in 1994, Lanka Kade founders Diane and Upul met some local workers outside of a toy factory, only to discover they were ex-employees of the factory, chasing payment for work completed three months earlier. So incensed at this injustice, they decided there and then that they would only buy from people who cared about their workforce.
This was the defining moment for the business and the catalyst which established their fair trade business ethic.
Lanka Kade have direct trading relationships with their producers, Upul travels to Sri Lanka regularly, working with the artisans to ensure fair trade working practices are met and maintained. Their commitment to their producers supports their growth and development, whilst ensuring their employees have a sense of job satisfaction and that their employment is valued. The producer groups offer their staff good rates of pay, equal opportunities and a safe working environment in coherence with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.
Lanka Kade complies with the internationally accepted 10 Principles of Fair Trade and has been a proud and active member of BAFTS (The British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) since 2001, with Director Diane chairing the board for a couple of years.

Carishea Cosmetics

Carishea are a consmetics company with a difference and their body balms, washes and lotions smell and feel divine! We have three scents available, Shea Scot, Shea Spice and the festively-named Shea Joy!

The story behind the gift…
Carishea is a radically unique social business which is deliberately working in disadvantaged communities by offering trade and employment as a route to combatting poverty. Profits are returned into the communities in which they are made.
Working in Ghana, Carishea is establishing a shea nut and butter co-operation for women. In Scotland, where the soap factory is, Carishea are working in partnership with addiction rehabilitation services and the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) at Greenock Prison, building a unique and creative employability programme.

India Shop Mugs

These little mugs are a best seller all year round! Combine with a bag of Fairtrade Coffee and you have the perfect little gift! Available in a range or colours and designs.
The story behind the gift…
Every step of the process of creating these beautiful mugs is done by hand, from when the raw clay is softened, formed on the potters’ wheel, fired in the wood burning kilns, glazed and finally packed ready for its long journey to the UK.
This labour intensive project provides training in a craft, and employment opportunities for members of an economically weak rural community. Thanks to the ceramic unit with IFAT member support and employees benefit from medical and insurance facilities. A school has been started in the village for 350 pupils under the age of 11, primarily for the children of artisans who work in the pottery, but also for children who live in the surrounding rural area.

Traidcraft Gifts For Life

For those people who don’t need or want anything, we would recommend a Traidcraft Gift for Life! This really is the perfect gift as it gives to those who actually do really need it. We have a selection of different gifts to suit a variety of budgets.
The story behind the gift…
100% of the cost of this gift goes directly to Traidcraft Exchange, supporting their campaigning and development projects across the world. They work in some of the world’s poorest communities, helping people to get more out of the hard work they do every day.
Their projects help people to increase their incomes and invest in their futures and those of their children, and are funded by the generosity of supporters like you. Each card features a beautiful photograph and lovely illustrations – they really are the perfect gift for any occasion.

We hope our gift guide has inspired you to think carefully about the presents you are going to buy this Christmas.  And don’t just save your Fairtrade purchases for Christmas, why not pledge to choose Fairtrade all year round, whenever you can.

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