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Spotlight On Traidcraft

World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide annual celebration that raises awareness on alternative solutions to the planet’s economic and ecological challenges. This year it will be held on the 14th May.

We have decided to celebrate this event by highlighting one of our favourite fair trade organisations. So here is a little introduction to Traidcraft.


Traidcraft was founded over 40 years ago in 1979. It began by operating out of church stalls and markets. Now, it is one of the leading fair trade companies in the world and the original fair trade pioneer of the UK.   

In 1986, they created Traidcraft Exchange, a charity that fights to prevent injustice and corporate abuse. In 1992, Traidcraft co-founded the Fairtrade Foundation to help establish fair trade standards.

“Almost everything we know today as fair trade began with Traidcraft.” 

Traidcraft Website

Traidcraft believe that fair trade is about more than just giving aid – they promote collaboration with their growers and artisans. The organisation also advocates organic farming and sustainability to protect the planet and its people. Traidcraft continues to spread awareness and change lives around the globe.   

Our Top Picks

Traidcraft has a wonderful selection of organic, ethical and fair trade products, including: food and drink, household essentials, fashion, crafts and home gifts. Here at Good Taste, we love their tasty treats and beverages!

Here is a list of some of our favourite edible products.  

(These products are available online at Good Taste, in store, or through our order form. They can also be purchased directly through Traidcraft.)

Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins

Vanilla Fudge  

Organic Dark Chocolate

Fruit and Oat Cookies

Organic Strawberry Jam

Organic Orange Marmalade

Organic Fusilli Pasta

Breakfast Blend Teabags 

Organic Ethiopian Oromiya Ground Coffee 

Traidcraft Afternoon Tea Hamper 

We hope you celebrate World Fair Trade Day by joining the movement online. Tell your friends and family to spread the world.

Why not buy fair trade this week? Treat yourself or find a gift for your loved ones. Head over to Traidcraft to browse their wide range of products.


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Good Taste 

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