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The Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week runs from 24th September to the 2nd October 2022 and is the UK’s biggest celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. 

Great Big Green Week will unleash a wave of support for action to protect the planet. Tens of thousands of people in every corner of the country will celebrate the heartfelt, brave, everyday actions being taken to stand up for nature and fight climate change.

Why now?

We are seeing the impacts of extreme weather events caused by climate change on the people and places we love both here in the UK and abroad. The time is now to do everything we can to protect them. Climate change is the fight of our lifetime.

Last year, the UK hosted a major UN climate summit, known as COP26. We came out of this summit with a big to-do list, and we need to show our Government that the public wants to see them deliver on their promises to protect the planet for now and future generations.

How can I get involved?

  • Attend a Big Green Week event. Find an event near you here. There’s lots of events taking place in and around Sheffield. Including the ‘Save Sheffield Wildlife” event on Saturday 24th at Sheffield Botanical Gardens, just round the corner from us! It is a FREE RSPB event as part of the Great Big Green Week. Open to all, learn about the decline in our precious wildlife and what you can do to help. There will be activities for children (or adults) to show Sheffield’s support for protecting wildlife. Wildflower seeds will be given away to get you started on creating your own wild garden
  • The Big Green Week have partnered with some of the UK’s best loved illustrators to create some fabulous posters which are FREE for you to download, colour in and display in your window to show your neighbours that you care about climate action. You can find the posters here.
  • Whatever actions we take to tackle the climate crisis, they all add up. Whether it’s thinking about what’s on your plate, or reducing your energy consumption, there are many ways you can take action right from the comfort of your own home! Use the pledge tool to choose as many or as few actions you want to take. You could even share this with friends and family to see what you can do together!
  • Choose to buy Fair Trade or Eco friendly options whenever you can. We stock a wide range of cleaning products that won’t cost the earth as well as all your Fair Trade basics. Did you know that Fair Trade cares for both people AND planet – many fairly traded items are also organic certified and the way they are created aims to limit the impact on our beautiful world. Find out more about how Fair Trade is caring for the planet here.

Let us know if and how you get involved in the Great Big Green Week this year and if you attend any events!

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