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Hello Isobel

Law student Isobel combines her hours in the shop with her university degree and a lot of sport (hockey and football to be precise!). And if you think she looks a bit familiar, it’s because she is the younger sister of Good Taste Alumnus Cara! We’re delighted to have Isobel as part of our team – do say hello if she is working next time you’re in!

How did you get involved with working at Good Taste?

This is my second year living in Sheffield and I have loved living near Broomhill and enjoying all it has to offer. I wanted to find a part time job that would engage with the local community and allow me to talk to people in the local area, Good Taste has given me this opportunity. 

Why do you think Fairtrade is important?

I think fair trade is so important as it helps to strive for more ethical consumption whilst simultaneously helping businesses grow and ensuring fairer pay for workers. It allows consumers to think more about the impact of their consumption on the environment and on the welfare of workers.  

What is your favourite Fairtrade product?

I really like the earrings we have in the shop, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy the Fairtrade chocolate too!

What do you do when you are not working in the shop?

I am a second year Law student at the University of Sheffield so I am studying towards that, I also play and coach hockey for the University club. I also play in a 6-aside football team once a week, so I do like to keep busy!

What do you like most about living in Sheffield?

I really enjoy the green spaces, and how easy it is to get out and enjoy the peaks. Also, the friendliness and how welcoming everyone is in Sheffield has made it feel like home. 

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to go walking in the peaks and catching a good sunrise or sunset. I also really enjoy cooking with my friends as a nice way to relax in the evening.

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