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Welcome Tia!

Tia has recently joined the team, she’s fitting in working with us between finishing her work with students and beginning her PGCE in September – very useful to us as she covers everyone’s holiday! Friendly and welcoming, we are sure all our customers are going to love getting to know Tia!

How did you get involved with working at good taste? 

I heard about Good Taste through working with students. I came in a few times and got talking to Jenny about looking for work for the summer between my volunteer job and PGCE. Jenny said she would be in touch. I kept coming back every now and then, and then I was offered the job. 

Why do you think fair trade is important?

I believe that people should have the opportunity to work for a fair pay and be free from being exploited in the workplace. Also being able to work in an environment that is safe. I also feel that all people, no matter where you are in the world should have these conditions. 

What is your favourite product in the shop? 

I love the bamboo socks and the Choc Affair vegan chocolate. 

What do you like about living in Sheffield? 

I love that the Peak District is not too far away, and there are more place to walk or run than I have managed to see in the last year. 

What do you do like doing in your spare time? 

I am a keen crocheter and I love to cook and bake for other people. I also love going out for long walks or runs. 

We’re sure all our customers are going to love Tia! Make sure to say hello next time you are in!

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