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Say Hello to Rob

In the next instalment of our “Meet the Team” series, we chat to doctor turned director (and accounting whizz) Rob Coleman.

Although not often behind the counter, when he is in the shop Rob loves nothing more than a good ‘reorganise’ and it’s always intriguing to see where things have been moved to after his time in the shop! More seriously, the shop wheels would definitely not turn as smoothly without his daily accounting and (sometimes lengthy) dealings with HMRC!

What is your day to day involvement in the shop?

My day to day involvement is recording all the transactions and sales within the business, maintaining the accounts, running the payroll and dealing with HMRC and PAYE. I’ve had to teach myself and still struggle from time to time to get things right with HMRC. I also help Jenny with the planning and oversight of the business, maintaining and organising the shop and occasionally I serve customers!

What new things have you started since you have retired?

I’ve been learning to play golf and have joined Hallamshire Golf Club. I’ve been spending more time in the garden and enjoyed growing things in a new greenhouse. I am also chair of governors at a local primary school as well as sitting on various charitable boards.

What is your favourite product in the shop and why?

I like the soapstone sculptures and the family groups and large animals are my favourite. They are beautifully made and so delicate. I am always very saddened when one arrives broken

What inspired you to think you can make a difference through fair trade?

We are so fortunate in so many ways, and while equality of wealth is unrealistic, equal opportunities to care and provide for one’s family should not be. Fair trade is one way of helping producers and artisans have a better and fairer chance in life

What do you enjoy most about living in Sheffield? 

The mixture of city and country living. I love being so near to both and enjoying the green spaces in and around the city. I also love living close to all of my children and grandchildren!

Why did you choose TASTE as the charity to receive the shop’s profits?

We wanted to choose a Sheffield based charity where a modest amount of money could make a real difference. We have supported TASTE personally for many years and felt it was an ideal charity to support. We like the fact that the money is used quickly and specifically for projects that really make a difference to the lives of so many people.

Are you a good cook?

Enthusiastic rather than good! I enjoy creating meals and trying different flavours. I’m more of a main course than a dessert person

Rob and Jenny on a recent holiday in Italy