About Us

Our Mission  

Here at Good Taste, our mission is twofold.

Firstly, to provide a market for high-quality fair trade goods. Our beautiful products demonstrate the talent and ingenuity of the producers, and enable them to earn a fair wage to provide for their families.  

Secondly, to use our profits to support TASTE, a charity working in Nigeria to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to the local people.  

Our Impact

Profits support TASTE charity

Year 1

2015 – 2016

At the end of our first year, we donated all of our profits to TASTE Charity. An incredible total of £5000! This helped to repair two boreholes for a rural community in Sho Village, Nigeria. This repair work had been stalled and abandoned before, due to ambush and threats from Militants. Fortunately, during a time of relative peace, the Taste team was able to travel the dangerous road. They repaired the boreholes and constructed latrines for the community. Our donation also facilitated a ‘WASH’ workshop – an initiative teaching villagers how to maintain good basic hygiene practices.

Year 2

2016 – 2017

After another successful year, we were delighted to announce the donation of £5608 to TASTE Charity. This has made a huge difference for those attending Equal Rights Secondary School in Plateau State, Nigeria. During the Dry Season, the school enforced strict water rationing using insufficient wells. Our donation provided a new borehole which will ensure a constant and plentiful supply of safe, clean water. Four latrines were also constructed, as well as a ‘WASH’ workshop for sanitation and education. This has transformed lives in the community!  

Year 3

2017 – 2018

After an amazing third year of trading, we were able to donate an incredible £7000 to TASTE Charity! This money helped to fund a water project at Rurcon’s new headquarters in Jos, the State Capital of Plateau State. Taste was able to provide a solar powered borehole, to ensure the availability of clean water all year round. This is especially important during the Dry Season, for the irrigation of the extensive crop growing programme. This programme gives practical training to farmers across Nigeria and neighbouring countries.  

Year 4

2018 – 2019

When our fourth year of trading was over, we donated an encouraging £7000 to Taste Charity. The money was mainly used for a Water project at The City of Refuge Orphanage in Jos, Nigeria. The Orphanage had previously used an open well as its main water source, which resulted in the prevalence of water borne diseases. Good Taste’s donation provided a solar powered borehole, to ensure the availability of clean drinking water all year round. Any left-over money contributed towards the development of the Orphanage kitchen.  

Year 5

2019 – 2020

For Good Taste’s fifth year, we were able to donate £5,500 to Taste Charity. The money was used for a water project at The Evangelical Missionary Society Children’s School, in Jos, Nigeria. The wells used by the school previously were contaminated and spread illness. In the Dry Season, the well would dry up, and both students and teachers had to forgo school in search of drinking water. Good Taste was happy to contribute towards a solar powered borehole with a storage tank, latrines, and health and hygiene education to the whole school community. 

Year 6

2020 – 2021

At the end of our sixth year, we were excited to make our largest total donation yet – £12,000! Taste Charity put this money to good use – to help them purchase a new big drilling rig. This means they can drill boreholes through tougher rock strata and expand their work across Nigeria. A bigger rig will mean that women and children will no longer have to walk up to 5K to reach remote water sources, travelling at risk of sexual violence and harassment. Due to the new boreholes, they can get clean drinking water from the safety of their communities.