Ethical Purchasing Policy

Our aim is to sell a wide range of Fairtrade food, greetings cards, jewellery, gifts, toys, and homeware. We are a not for profit business, assisted by volunteers and our mission is twofold.

Firstly, to provide a market for high-quality fair trade goods which demonstrate the talent and ingenuity of the producers, and enable them to earn a living and provide for their families.

Secondly, our profits go to support ‘TASTE’, a charity working in Nigeria to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to the local people.

Ethical producers

In real terms…

All of our Fair Trade products are bought only when the following criteria is met;

Broken down further…

  • 75.5% products of all of our products which are either BAFTS, FLO, WTFO
  • 11% products which are sustainable (including Bamboo mugs, clothing and toothbrushes)
  • 9% products which are from local Sheffield businesses and greetings card producers (including Tearfund Christmas cards & Hannah Dunnet)
  • 4.5% from Global South
Ethical Purchasing Policy