Meet the Team



I’ve been aware of fair-trade products for many years and have been really pleased to see how they have developed and improved. About 18 years ago I started selling fair-trade crafts from home, and quickly became passionate about fair-trade as a way for people to earn their way out of poverty. I’ve been lucky enough to visit producers in several different countries and have seen for myself the difference it makes to their lives. 



Viv is a regular presence in the shop, so we thought it was high time we learnt a little bit more about her! A teacher in her past life, Viv is a welcoming and friendly addition to the shop front. She always has time to chat and help you choose the perfect fair trade gift. 



I can’t think of a time when I haven’t known about fair trade.  As a child I used to help my mum unpack and price up boxes of fairly traded crafts which she sold through our church. I honestly don’t think I have ever bought unfair trade bananas, coffee or tea in my life – even when I was a student and had no money I had it drilled into me how important it was to support those who have even less than I did and just couldn’t bring myself to do it!



A new addition to the team, Kornel started working here in October 2021 as part of a Kickstart scheme. He provides excellent customer service in his role as a retail assistant; greeting customers, restocking shelves, using the till, and working with a smile. When he’s not at Good Taste, Kornel enjoys both playing and watching a variety of sports, especially football.



I began working for Good Taste in November 2021, after completing my Creative Writing degree. This experience helps me in my current role with social media, blogging, and content writing for the website and online shop. My job has introduced me to high quality fair trade products I can gift to my loved ones, or try for myself. I can’t stop shopping after my shifts! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, and singing.


fair trade advocate

I started working in the shop in September 2021 alongside my MA in Modern History. Throughout my studies, I have always loved spending time browsing the independent and ethically driven shops in Sheffield. Working in the Good Taste shop allows me to learn more about fair trade practises around the world and encourages me to buy more fair trade products. When I’m not working, I love exploring the peak district and playing hockey with the university team. 


Fair trade champion

Juliet has been working at Good Taste since the summer of 2021. She is currently completing her final year of university in Plant Sciences. When she’s not working or studying, Juliet fills her time with hobbies, such as reading and cooking. She is also very sporty, as she enjoys running, walking, coaching trampoline, and watching football. 

Fair Trade Heroes

We are so grateful to all of our volunteers and friends, who have helped us to support many artisans worldwide and contribute to the work of TASTE in Nigeria.



Margaret is one of our lovely volunteers. Her main duties include unpacking deliveries of our beautiful products, and serving customers in the shop. By committing her time to working hard at Good Taste, Margaret is helping to promote fair trade practises.



Elizabeth is our master of numbers here at Good Taste, keeping stock of all the food products on the shelves. As one of our regular volunteers, she also serves customers and supports the rest of the team.


Fair trade Support

Ben was born in Nigeria, leaving the country to come to the UK at the age of 8. He’s served as the CEO of TASTE since 2012. Find out more about TASTE and the life of Ben in his ‘Meet the Team’ blog post.