Fair Grounds Recycled Glass Bead Earrings

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The beautiful glass beads in these earrings are made from recycled glass from bottles and broken window panes.

Made on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda by members of the Papercraft Co-operative. Set up in 2006 to provide a sustainable income for socially disadvantaged Ugandans (mainly women) where the majority of employees would otherwise find it almost impossible to find a job or support their families.

Glass from discarded bottles and broken windows in collected and melted down.  It is then moulded into beads and turned into beautiful jewellery, helping to recycle what would otherwise be in landfill.

Earwires are sterling silver.

Approx 5cm drop.

Please be aware that colours may vary slightly as each piece is individually created.

The earrings come attractively presented in a recycled card box with a leaflet explaining where the jewellery is from.


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