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Cards from Africa Blog post – February 2016

Cards from Africa blog post – February 2016

Author: Jenny Coleman

Can a birthday card change someone’s life? The answer is a definite Yes! when you buy a fair trade greeting card.

Our very popular Cards from Africa are made in Kigali, Rwanda by young adults who have lost their parents to conflict or disease. Making and selling these beautiful cards enables them to provide education, food and shelter for themselves and their brothers and sisters. Each staff member has a story of personal triumph against the odds. Working together with others gives them hope, a purpose in life and a steady income. Each one of our cards is carefully made by hand and signed on the back by the cardmaker. The cards incorporate handmade paper made by recycling office waste so they are also environmentally friendly.

One of our fairly traded cards will do so much more than just send your greetings to your loved one – it has the power to change someone’s life!

We stock a wide range of cards from Cards from Africa. To view their full range of cards visit the Cards from Africa website.

To find out more about the behind the cards makers, visit the ‘Our Story‘ page on their website. Esther starting making cards for CFA at age 18, it has helped improve her life – “Since working for CfA, I’ve been able to rent my own place.  I’m able to buy food and clothing and my younger brother has been able to move in with me.  I feel useful now.  I feel like my life has purpose now that I have my job.”.

To find out more about our range of fair trade cards from Cards from Africa and others suppliers, visit our Fair trade cards page.