Thank You Message

Thank You Message

Tutors, teachers, violin instructors, Brownie leaders! It’s that time of the year to give them all a Thank You Message. By making their gift a Fair Trade one, you also help to improve the lives of the artisans who made the items in your thoughtful gift. YOU help to provide them with a fair wage and fair working conditions.

A card –  to personalise your gift. Each card from  Cards from Africa  is handmade by a young adult in Rwanda, orphaned because of disease, often supporting their younger siblings. Pair this with a delicious ‘Thank You’ bar from Choc Affair to say the perfect ‘Thank You’.

If you think they would prefer something more practical, try a bike chain keyring from Shared Earth. Handmade in India by Noah’s Ark, using chains which have been discarded because they are broken or are the incorrect size. Or an olive wood music note keyring – perfect for a music teacher. Made by artisans living in Palestine and Israel who work together promoting understanding among peoples.

Something for the home – Treat them with an owl tea light from Namaste. Made in a workshop near Moradabad in India. Made entirely by hand, from a supplier run by young entrepreneurs. How about a cute seedpod owl from Tilnar Art. Handmade in Zimbabwe using fallen seedpods from Ulumbu trees. Then hand painted using bright colours, and legs are attached!

There are many more ideas in-store for you to find some inspiration. Find that extra special gift, at any price point.

Thank You Message Card and Bar
Thank you Message – Cards from Africa card and Choc Affair Message bar
Thank You Message Gift Idea
Thank You Message – Cards from Africa card, Thank You Message Stones, Olive Wood keyring, Wooden Heart Keyring from Tilnar Art, Seedpod owl from Tilnar Art, Tea light Holder from Namaste, Bike Chain Keyring from Shared Earth.