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Meet Chloe Our French Intern

Meet Chloé Our French Intern

Over the past 8 weeks Chloé has worked as an intern with us. It has been a lovely experience getting to know Chloé and to show her the Sheffield way of life. We wish Chloé the best of luck with the rest of her studies.

Now let’s meet Chloé our French intern.

Meet Chloe our French Intern

Where are you from?

I am from France, and I live in Nantes a nice city in the North West of France.

Why are you in Sheffield? 

I am currently doing a business degree in Nantes and as part of this degree we have to do an internship abroad. I wanted to go to an English speaking country to improve my English and I wanted also to work in the Fair Trade sector. Thanks to a website from my university I was able to find Jenny and her lovely shop GOOD TASTE!

Why choose a fair trade shop to work?

I want to work in the Fair Trade sector after my studies because there are too many underpaid people, they deserve to have a better wage and to live in better conditions. Moreover my dad is a farmer and few years ago he invested money in fair milk. This is because most farmers are not remunerated like they deserve to be after working seven days a week. By doing this we have contributed to the survival of our small producers.

What was your first impression of Sheffield?

I can’t remember my first impression but I can remember my first day in Sheffield when Jenny brought me in the city centre. I had discovered a lovely city, with nice little buildings and a beautiful weather (English weather is not so bad!). But the most important thing is that every person that I have met was very welcoming!

How have you managed with the different accents?

At the beginning I struggled to understand English, so when someone spoke to me with a strong Yorkshire accent, I was obliged to ask that person to repeat!

What was your favourite experience in the UK?

I think walking or driving in your beautiful countryside in the peak district is one of my favourite experiences, I love the countryside! (I have forgotten, fish and chips are very good too!)

Meet Chloe our French Intern

What do you miss most about France? 


How did you celebrate pancake day?

I was invited by English girls into their flat to celebrate pancake day so we ate pancake and crêpes and then we saw the cartoon “Aristocats”, I had a great time!

What will you miss most when you go back to France?

Probably the people that I have met, a lot of wonderful people! I hope to be able to come back to Sheffield soon!

What is your favourite fair trade product?

I have several favourite fair trade products but I really like the sari bracelets. I like the story behind them and all the colours which symbolised the women stories. Because I like them so much I have bought approximately 10 bracelets to give to my family and my friends when I get back to France!