A message to all our supporters about COVID-19.

Dear Friends of Good Taste,

We are going through such uncertain times in so many ways at the moment and the situation in the UK and worldwide changes more often than daily. I wanted to thank you so much for your support of our shop over the last 5 years and to send you our best wishes if you are confined to the house for a long period. We will miss you.

We have made the decision to close our small community café from today, but will try and keep the shop open for as long as we can. It obviously depends on our staff being well but also we may be forced to close by the government if things get worse. However, we will undoubtedly experience staff shortages so we may have to change our opening hours on a day to day basis. We will post the hours we plan to be open on Facebook each day and will endeavour to put a notice on the outside of our shutters, but please phone us before you set off if you are making a special journey (0114 4381428)

Our shop has helped so many people over the 5 years it has been open – through sales of our beautiful products which give craftspeople and farmers the dignity of supporting their own family, and through the money we have been able to donate to which has provided life changing clean, safe water for over 5000 people in rural Nigeria. I know too that many of you value our friendly staff, and we have enjoyed getting to know you. This is a tough time for all of us, but I pray that we will come through it with a renewed sense of what is really important in life.

With our very best wishes,

Jenny and Rob Coleman and all the staff at Good Taste