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Spotlight on Fair Grounds Jewellery


This stunning jewellery is created by a small women’s cooperative of rural artisans, living in a village near to Taxco, Mexico. Most of the women are able to work close to home in small workshops and do not have to travel to street markets to sell their products. Skills passed down from generation to generation allow these women to provide for their families, educate their children, and preserve the heritage of their community. Children spend time with their grandparents, learning the art of the jeweller and leatherworker. When they grow up, they dedicate themselves to the craft, continuing this beautiful family tradition. 

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These colourful mosaic designs are made from acrylic, abalone, and semi-precious stones. A fine pewter silver alloy is used for the most of the metal components (but some of the brooches are made of German silver). For the earrings, sterling silver ear wires are added when they arrive in the UK.    

Let’s Hear from the Producers 

“In our cooperative there is great solidarity, we have a very united sisterhood because each one of us has her employment.” 

“Our desire is to work in our home workshops, close to our children and loved ones.” 

“We want to continue making our jewellery. It does not matter if the payment is modest – only that we have our work.” 

Our Top Picks


Blue Tortoise Necklace £13

Pegasus Necklace £13

Oval Pendant Necklace £18


All £18.95

Medium Teardrop Abalone Mosaic Earrings

Small Rectangle Blue/Turquoise Earrings

Ellipse Purple Mosaic Earrings

Dragonfly Earrings

Ellipse Dried Flower Earrings


Blue Heart Ring £12

Orange/Pink Dual Ring £14

Red Triple Ring £16


All £18

Mosaic Dragonfly Brooch

Blue/Green Heart Brooch

Mosaic Swan Brooch


All £12

Purple Square Cufflinks

Black Round Cufflinks

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