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About Good Taste – By Kai

Good Taste is a very nice little shop in Broomhill. They sell fair trade items and the profits go to a charity organisation called Taste. They sell some very cool handmade items which are imported from all around the world.

For example, this dog which is made out of scrap metal from a bike.

There are also these elephants which are made of recycled aluminium and enamelled by hand.

They sell a wide variety of food and drink products which are all fair trade. They have lots of chocolate in stock and in many different flavours. They also support local businesses such as the ice cream company called Our Cow Molly. If you are a frequent customer here you could get a free loyalty card and get £5 off once you have spent £55 in store.

They also sell a range of children clothes which are in many different bright colours and are suitable for all children. They also sell very good quality bags with a built in laptop holder and drinks holder. The bags are waterproof and the price is so reasonable it will fill up your loyalty card in one hit!!!

Written by Kai Haste-Wain

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