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Meet Cara

Outdoor enthusiast Cara is one of our student employees here at Good Taste. Cara juggles her hours in the shop with her Modern History Masters and playing a lot of hockey! She’s always ready with a smile and to help the customers with whatever they need. We thought we would get to know Cara a little better by asking her a few questions, and thought we would share her responses with you!

How did you get involved with helping at Good Taste?

After studying in Sheffield for three years, I was looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the community around me and I found working at Good Taste to be the perfect way to do this. I love getting to have conversations with customers and help them find what they want, I also love getting to know all of the products, especially the ones made locally!

Why do you think Fairtrade is important?

I think Fairtrade is vital within our society which can often be seen to champion exploitation and profits. Considering Fairtrade in your consumption means you are voting with your money and indicating to the markets that the livelihood of people and the environment is more important than putting money in the pockets of the super rich. 

What is your favourite Fairtrade product?

My current favourite Fairtrade product is the Freekah from Zaytoun. I used it to make a delicious winter salad with honey roasted carrots!

What do you do when you are not in the shop?

When I am not in the shop I am studying for my MA in Modern History or playing hockey with the university club! I also help to coach one of our hockey teams so between studying and playing, training and coaching hockey, I am kept quite busy!

What do you like most about living in Sheffield?

Sheffield’s accessibility to green spaces is probably my favourite thing about living in Sheffield. I was particularly grateful for these spaces throughout lockdown when regular visits to the Peak District and Sheffield’s many parks helped keep me sane whilst juggling the pressures of university during a pandemic!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I am often finding every excuse to get outside with my friends, between walking, running, cycling and the occasional wild swim I manage to fill my time with vitamin D and endorphins! That being said I also love to read and so curling up on the sofa when the weather is not as nice is always a welcome alternative!

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