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World Fair Trade Day: Climate Justice

The World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide annual celebration held on the second Saturday of May. The event was created by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in 2004 to raise awareness on alternative solutions to the planet’s economic and ecological crisis.  

The theme for World Fair Trade Day 2022 is Climate Justice.

What Is Climate Justice?  

The purpose of Climate Justice is to deliver fair, inclusive and sustainable solutions to the people suffering the consequences of the climate crisis. It also aims to identify and address the root causes of climate change. 

What Has Caused Climate Change? 

In short, World Fair Trade Day states that ‘profit by overproduction’ is killing the planet.

Burning Fossil Fuels:

Too Many Greenhouse Gasses

Warmer Planet

Melting Polar Ice

Rising Sea Levels 

Amassing Consumer Goods:

Excessive Waste

→ Pollution Crisis

What Are the Effects of Climate Change? 

Some of the consequences of climate change include: 

  • Long-Lasting Droughts 
  • Water Scarcity 
  • Intense Heatwaves 
  • Frequent Wildfires 
  • Crop Failure
  • Famine  
  • Severe Storms   
  • Mass Community Relocations 
  • Declining Biodiversity 

Find out more detail about the causes, effects, and science behind climate change from Nasa and the United Nations.

Who is Most Affected? 

Climate change is threatening all living creatures that reside on this earth. But marginalised communities are currently the most at risk. ‘Climate refugees’ such as farmers, artisans, workers and the vulnerable in society are now coping with the impacts of climate change. 

“Those least responsible for the climate problem are suffering the most.”

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) 

What Are the Solutions? 

We know its bad, but don’t worry – it’s not all over for us. There is still time to prevent any further planetary decline. But we must act fast, spread the word and call people to action.

Here is what World Fair Trade Day promotes: 

  • Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Plastic Recycling  
  • Carbon Neutral Production  
  • Low Carbon Upcycling  
  • Carbon Neutral Textiles  
  • Eco-Friendly Natural Dyes  

How Can I Help? 

People are encouraged join the global action by writing the slogan and hashtag for this year on their hands and posting photos on social media. Check out the photo challenge to learn more.

Climate Justice Now!


You can also do your part by choosing sustainable options when shopping. Look for fair trade, eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled and second-hand products. Also, limit your waste and plastic use in the home. 


We hope this post was educational. Please share it online to raise awareness.  

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