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Spotlight On VENT For Change

Children all over the world lack access to proper education or basic learning tools. In some schools, large groups of children are forced to share exercise books, pens and pencils – as there aren’t enough to go around. Many children cannot attend school at all, because they are fleeing the devastation of war. We must raise awareness.

Share A Pencil Day

Wednesday 18th May 2022 is Share A Pencil Day, an annual event created by Vent for Change. This day aims to educate pupils across the UK about children facing educational difficulties. They encourage schools to participate by offering free interactive resources, including: lesson plans, short films, and other learning materials. 

VENT for Change

VENT for Change is a sustainable stationery company that supports a number of global educational projects. They use eco-friendly processes, recycled materials and ethical practises to create their beautifully designed, high-quality products. Head over to the VENT for Change website to learn more.  

Our Top Picks

Here are a few of our favourite Vent for Change stationery products. They are available in store, on the Good Taste webshop, or can be purchased directly through the Vent for Change website.  

Recycled Pencils


  • Made from Recycled CD Cases 
  • Pack of 3 
  • Graphite Grey Writing Core  
  • Available in a Variety of Colours 

Recycled Pens


  • Made from Recycled Plastic Drinks Bottles 
  • Set of 2 
  • Black Ink  
  • Available in a Variety of Colours 

Reclaim Recycled Notebooks  


  • Reclaimed Wool and Cotton Covers 
  • Sustainable Paper 
  • A5 Size
  • Available in Four Colours  

Sucseed Recycled Notebooks  


  • Covers Made from Reclaimed Coffee Beans, Kiwi, Lavender and Cherries
  • Recycled Paper 
  • A5 Size 
  • Available in Four Colours  

Recycled Leather Pocket Journals 


  • Recycled Leather Covers 
  • Sustainable Paper  
  • Pocket Size  
  • Available in 6 Colours 

Why not treat yourself, or buy a gift for your loved ones? You can browse our selection of Stationery on the Good Taste online shop, or shop directly through VENT for change.


Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments. Please share this post to educate more people and encourage them to shop sustainably.

With Love, 

Good Taste 

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