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Fair Trade Chocolate Easter Nests

With the school holidays in full swing I’m looking for activities to occupy my three children. They all love baking, especially things like chocolate Easter nests, but it can be tricky to bake with all three of them at once in my tiny kitchen! I’m a big fan of ‘no-bake’ baking that can be done at the kitchen table. The classic chocolate Easter nest is a foolproof and delicious treat to make with your little ones and they can help with all the stages – mixing, putting it in the bun cases and adding the all important chocolate mini-eggs on to the top!

I have made many variations of these in my baking past – there are so many options to choose from – firstly what cereal you use! Crushed shredded Wheat may look the most ‘nest-like’ but I’m not overly keen on the texture, which is too similar to twigs for my liking. Cornflakes are an option too but my cereal of choice is definitely Rice Crispies. You can also vary what you mix in with it, melted butter, golden syrup, marshmallows are all delicious when combined with chocolate and cereal. I like to keep it simple though – melted fairtrade milk chocolate and rice crispies – so easy and so delicious. They also tend to go more crunchy rather than gooey and sticky which can be the case if you add any syrup. Less mess is always a plus for me and my children!


To be honest you cant really go wrong whatever you do, but this is my recipe that I use to make 24 buns- it’s so easy and so delicious!

  • 200g Fair trade Milk Chocolate
  • 120g Puffed Rice Cereal
  • Fair trade Mini-Eggs to decorate

    Chocolate Easter Nests


Melt the chocolate slowly in a heat proof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water or in thirty second bursts in the microwave, being careful not to overheat.

  • Mix in the cereal
  • Spoon into bun cases
  • Top with chocolate mini eggs (two or three looks nice)

Chocolate Easter Nests


I’ve also spritzed mine with a little edible glitter, because I like glitter and why not?

Chill for about an hour to set